Procedures at the airport

How it works at the airport?

Airlines and airports have on their websites information on how to proceed upon arrival at the airport, departure and arrival. The most of the procedures at the airport are same, but minor differences can also be found. But we will tell you in a simplified manner how it actually works, where to go, what to do and not to stress.

Procedures at the airport

Arrival at the airport is the first problem to be solved. Parking at the airport is not cheap, but the arrival by car is the most comfortable. Taxi usually costs you more than in the city, but it is at any hour. If you choose to arrive by bus, you will save, but do not forget that you have exact arrival and departure times. Airlines recommends to be at the airport about 2 hours before departure.

Find the Terminal (Departure Hall) the exact name you have written on the purchased ticket. They get used to being called DEPARTURES. To make sure you can also check the information board. If you are still unsure, ask for the information at the information desk, tell them the destination (where you fly), the name of the airline and the time of departure. Cannot you speak a foreign language? Don’t worry, all of this information, including the flight number, you have on the ticket, just show it. 🙂 We know from experience that airport staff will be happy to help you or they accompany you wherever you want to go.

In today’s “electronic” time, you do not have to have your ticket printed, it is enough that it’s in the system, or you can have it for sure in your mobile.

Procedures at the airport

CHECK-IN follows to register you and your baggage for departure. Check-in is marked with the airline’s number and logo. It is actually a counter where the smiling person checks whether you have a valid ticket, a passport (in the case of national flights ID), weighs and registers the luggage. If you are traveling more people together (especially with children), come together and ask for seats next to one another. You get a boarding card with your name, flight information, seat number, and especially GATE through which you get to the plane and the time you get on board the BOARDING TIME.

Check-in for some flights you can comfortably fit out from home (online) or at the self-service kiosk in the departure hall. You will save time of standing in a line.

Procedures at the airport

Continue to GATE, usually you should be there 45 minutes before departure, but they will stop you on a SECURITY CHECK that cannot be avoided. Submit your travel document together with a boarding card from check-in. Please take all the actions and follow the instructions of the control staff. Think of it’s in the interests of your safety as well as the safety of other passengers. After a safety check, you are in the DUTY FREE zone. Here you can already buy anything and they allow you to take it on board. There is an opportunity to refresh yourself, go to the toilet, or just go for a walk. They usually let you through GATE about 20 minutes before departure. Some airports are equipped with a direct connection of the hall with the airplane, at others airport bus transfers you to the aircraft from the GATE.

A lot of passengers stand for long time in the line front of the GATE (apparently in the belief that if they are the first, they will occupy the best seats in the airplane), however, they will not let them go on board before the airline opens the passage to the airplane and checks again the boarding cards. You can peacefully drink up, or eat up, read up or simply wait in peace until the impatient ones will crowd up. The number of your seat (whether you’re sitting front-rear, at the window-in the aisle) is on your boarding card, so if someone takes your place, ask them politely to free up your seat and if you are ignored, ask stewardess for help.

Procedures at the airport

Welcome on board! Sit down comfortably … with these words and a smile on her face, the stewardess will welcome you on board. 🙂 

Editor note: You can’t take anything you want on board (more on article Packing your hand luggage), that’s why you rather put it into your “big suitcase”, which you hand over during check-in. You can also read our Flight Tips, which can make your flight more comfortable. In a case, that you are traveling with a baby, check also our post about our very first baby flight ATTENTION: Baby on board!. Oh, and if you are afraid to fly, we have perfect article for you How to overcome fear of flying 🙂 .

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