Zakynthos ( Zante )

How to travel Zakynthos ( Zante ) on your own

First, you have to book the cheapest flight, then find a suitable accommodation, or you just don’t care and book it all in a travel agency (just because it doesn’t mean that you pay the highest price) …obviously you know all that from the other blogs which teach you how to travel for free or veeeeery very cheap 🙂
Hooray, we are on the island, but what else? Here are some (hopefully useful) advices from us, guys!
καλώς ορίσατε (kalós orísate) Welcome !

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Welcome to Zante!

We suppose, that they already warned you before visiting Laganas port. Of course in a case that your imagination of perfect holidays isn’t one big party, you should go to some other place. Vasilikos, Kalamaki or Argasi are much better choices for a nice calm family beach holidays. (Please remember this fact, especially if you are traveling with kids.)

Zakynthos Greece

By car, boat, scooter or quad?

These are 4 ways how to travel around the island. Of course we can’t forget the local buses and your happy traveler’s feet. But how to choose the right one? Sure, there are places like sea caves or Navagio beach, where you can get only by boat. The traveling with the local buses it’s cheap, but it takes ages to get somewhere. If you are thinking about organized trip, please be aware of the fact, that you might spend only a few minutes on the most beautiful places, but you will waste your precious traveling time on the commercial stops to try all local products.
You can meet a lot of people on scooters or quads on the island too. But why they all drive without a helmet is one big mystery for us. Everyone does so, however, they can get a big fine for it (in a better case) or (in the worst) they can be part of the accident on a road, which can be their last one… No, we don’t want to scare you, just to remind you, that you can’t buy immortality together with a flight ticket or holiday voucher.
In our opinion the best way how to travel Zakynthos island is to rent a car. Small cars cost around 40-50 euros per day. Our car for 7 cost 73 euros per day (including full insurance and baby car seat) + refueling.

Zakynthos Greece

Navagio Beach

Without any pressure, we have to say, that Navagio beach was one of the reasons and a big motivation to visit Zakynthos for us. Sure, it’s obviously the most photographed tourist attraction in the whole Greece and reportedly the most beautiful beach in the world. Everyone, who is visiting the island wants to see the wreck of the boat called Panagiotis and take the most incredible selfie on the cliffs, which surround this place, right?

How to get to Navagio

  • The only option is of course by boat
  • Smaller boats can get to the beach almost anytime (and in any weather), but the big ones can’t come close even when the waves are bigger
  • Smaller boats have usually longer break on the beach (around 1,5 hours, which is enough to take pictures and to swim a little bit). The big boats give their passengers around 15-20 minutes for it everything
  • Port (actually just the small gulf), where you can catch a boat to Navagio beach is called Porto Vromi. The boats leave every 20 minutes, every day from 9 am till 7pm, the reservation is not necessary. Round trip for adult cost 20 euros (current in 2017), children up to 6 years old have it free and from kids from 7 years old till 12 pays 7,50 euros. The whole cruise takes around 15 minutes and on the way back captain will show you all the beautiful hidden beaches and sea caves

Zakynthos Greece

What else is good to know

  • Road signs, which say „Navagio“ are going to lead you to the viewpoint above the beach
  • If you want to reach the beach itself, you have to put „Porto Vromi“ to your navigation. And from there you have to take a boat (as we mentioned before)
  • There are also some cruise ships, which go from the capital city Zakynthos around the whole island (whole day trip). But they usually have only a short break on this most beautiful beach (on the island, in Greece, in the world, in the whole universe…)
  • Sightseeing platform is located at 200 meters. It’s very small and narrow and quite often you have to wait in a long line for it (especially if you have a bad luck and a bus or two arrived just before you). The rest of the cliffs are freely accessible and offers such a breathtaking view to the beach. But you have to be very careful, these places are very dangerous (absolutely not for kids) and not the only one cool selfie ended up with a tragedy… we definitely do recommend to wait for a viewing platform.
  • The beach is usually completely packed every day from 10am till 3pm.
  • Between those hours there are many people and almost no shadow on the beach, but the water has the most amazing turquoise color. So don’t forget your hat and sunscreen.
  • In the morning (or evening) hours you have a chance to be on Navagio almost alone, but the tall cliffs over it almost all with a shadow, which doesn’t look so good for a picture (and also the color of the water is not that gorgeous anymore)
  • According to the official sources the ship Panagiotis has failed on a beach in 1980, after its crew (smugglers of cigarettes) was chased by the Greek navy.
  • On the internet, you can find some theories, which say, that the Panagiotis shipwreck was placed on the beach on purpose by the Greek government, because they wanted to make this part of the island more attractive for the tourists.
  • Either way, Navagio beach is simply amazing and breathtaking place, which you just MUST experience!

Zakynthos Greece

Caretta caretta

  • The symbol of the island is a sea turtle Caretta caretta
  • Every year from May until September turtles are making nests all over the Laganas Bay
  • First little turtles begin to hatch out after two months, approximately in a second half of July
  • If you want to know more about the sea turtles, you have to visit Gerakas, where you can find a Mediterranean Marine life center. The entrance is free!
  • For snorkeling lovers, there are many boat trips around the Laganas bay with an opportunity to see adult turtles in a wild.
  • If you want to save money for a trip, but you still want to see turtles, try to visit Laganas port early in a morning. Local fishermen usually feed turtles with a piece of fishes. There is a big chance to see some hungry turtle.

What else is amazing on Zante

  • The island has a gorgeous nature; never ending olive groves, huge oleanders, hidden bays, sea caves and breathtaking cliffs
  • The beaches are mostly sandy with the clearest water and with gradual entry to the sea, simply perfect for families with kids (also with the smallest ones)
  • In general the island is really affordable
  • Lovers of the Greek kitchen, fresh fishes or seafood are going to find their happiness in a local restaurants
  • Flight from the most of the European cities last around two hours

So, who is flying to Zante next season?

Our rating :

Safety   ★★★★★     Baby friendly   ★★★★★     Beaches   ★★★★★     Total   ★★★★★

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