10 reasons for Israel

10 reasons why Israel is a traveler´s MUST SEE destination

3 world´s monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), 3,5 seas (Mediterranean Sea, Red sea, Dead sea and Sea of Galilee, which is actually a lake, that’s why we gave a half to it 🙂 ), dozens of nationalities, thousends of historical monuments and our 10 reasons, why Israel should be on your wish list:

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1. Holy places! It doesn´t matter if you are religious or not, holy places are so amazing, so powerful and so spiritual! It´s definitly our #1 reason, why you should visit Israel at least once in a lifetime!Holly-places


2. Multicultural, that is the word, how to discribe Israel shortly. And we love this country for it! So many immigrants from all over the world brought the best from their culture. They are trying to cooperate and respect their differences! Everyone feels like at home in Israel!Multiculture


3. Israeli kitchen is full of olive oil, salads, vegetables and great wine. In our opinion, it is one of the healthiest kitchens which taste just delicious and it’s kosher 😉 .Kitchen


4. Dead sea, the biggest spa in the world. So unique, so rare. There is no place like this in the whole world. Compound of the water has amazing effect on a human body. Besides that, Dead sea is the lowest point on Earth (the coast is under the sea level) so you can get healthy tan. Dead sea is simply the MUST EXPERIENCE!Dead-sea


5. History and archeology loving tourists are going to feel like in paradise in Israel. Every corner is hiding some surprise for them. Anyway, Masada is breathtaking even for an ordinary people. Before visiting this super old fortress, please learn about the Masada story. We got a goosebumps for real!Masada


6. Markets! We are so in love with those markets full of fresh EVERYTHING! Fresh fruits, vegetables, fishes and spices are very attractive not only for locals, but also tourists.Market


7. Uri Buri. Do you want to know, what Santa is doing during the summer? Preparing for the Christmas? No, not yet! He lives in Israel and cooks in one of the best fish and seafood restaurant in the country! Famous israeli chef and restaurant owner Uri Jeremias really got charisma and he looks like Santa himself 🙂 !Uri-Buri


8. Desert. Do you think, that there is nothing to see and to do in a desert? Well, think again… How about bike ride, little swim or a goat farm visit? We found it all in Israel!Desert


9.Bahá’í gardens. Many people are saying that Israel is a country of miracles. For us is a small miracle every gorgeous garden in the middle of desert or dry area! Actually we think, that the Bahá’í gardens in Haifa are one of the most beautiful gardens in the world! The entrance is free, but don’t forget, that you are on a holy place again, so use a proper clothes.Bahá'í gardens


10. TEL AVIV is a MUST for every trendy, fun, open-minded and young-spirit traveler! This fresh, young, hot city on the Mediterranean Sea coast has fabulous beach full of fun, culture and sport activities. Tel Aviv is hot hot hot city you just have to be part of!Tel-Aviv

Our rating :

Safety   ★★★★☆     Baby friendly   ★★★★☆     Beaches   ★★★★★     Total   ★★★★

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