ATTENTION: Baby on board!

Or how we survived our very first baby flight 🙂

The truth is, we are an airports (and airplanes) lovers. Airports make people happy. Somebody is coming, somebody is leaving…both can be a reason to be pleased 🙂 . Airports also smell good. How they could not smell good with all those „duty free“ perfumes, right?


Before our very first baby flight we were wondering, if our baby girl is gonna like it too. How she’s gonna handle it on the airport? And what about the flight? Actually how WE are gonna handle it on the airport and what is like to fly with a BABY!?
First of all we had to get a passport for our little one, since every child in EU needs a passport if he/she wants to travel. Yes, even few weeks or months old ones!
Of course it’s always good to check a travel rules in your final destination before flight.
Did you know, that your itsy bitsy spider flies for free up to 2 years? (Well, obviously not completely for free, you still have to pay some airport charges, but since a baby has no seat in the plane, they call it “free”). Good enough for us! 🙂
You probably also experienced an airport security control and their strict rules about liquids and food. Another cool thing is, that those restrictions are not valid for a baby food or drinks! So we brought some lunch, snack and enough baby tea with us on board.
Ok, dear traveling parents, we still have some more good news for you. Don’t worry about carrying a baby around the airport. You can take a stroller almost directly to the plane! On check-in they just put a tag on it and we left it under the stairs just before we got into the plane. Some nice guys put it into the cargo for us and we found it under the stairs again in the destination. It was simple as that and also free of charge! 🙂
Our first baby flight was kind of short, but for long distance flights they usually offer even a baby cribs, so your little one can take a pretty good nap.
If you want to ask, what we packed on board for a baby, just check our packing list for one-day trip with a baby. You can find many useful things over there. Don’t forget some warm clothes for yourself and your baby (even when it’s hot outside), cause AC in the plane sometimes feel like it’s gonna start to snow.

Ok, let’s make a summary of our first baby flight. Our little one was sleeping all the time on the way there, on the way back she was playing. No animals, planes or other people’s ears got hurt during the flight. We successfully survived it and we already looking forward to the next great trip 🙂 . Keep following us! Maybe there will be a post “don’t fly with a baby” in a future…or “don’t fly with OUR baby” 🙂 . Just kidding, let’s fly, dear Crispy Parents!

Travel, cook and have fun with Crispy Trips !

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