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Mimi Candi Pelikan is another beautiful, smart and successful Slovak girl, who was brave enough to fulfill her dreams far away from home. She moved to exotic Indonesia, to the island loved by all travelers – Bali. We are very happy, that she found a time to answer our questions, even though she is busy with all her blogger’s, traveling, manager’s, business and designer’s activities. And of course she added the typical recipe, so now you can have Bali on your plate directly at home.
Once again, thank you, Mimi ! 🙂


So why exactly this island, what made you come over, Mimi ? And what is your job in Bali ?

Me and Bali, it was love at first sight, but since I decided to move over there, I visited the island already 7 times.
Bali is magical. They say, that it chooses people and I am definitely one of its choices. I already traveled a lot and visited so many countries and I can’t say Bali is the most beautiful place on Earth. But thanks to its energy, climate, culture and lifestyle of the west is the best place for me right now.
And what am I doing in Bali? Actually I am very busy all the time. Together with my husband we run 4 restaurants and accommodation for tourists. But I also have a blog, I take care of a social media of our companies plus other two. Besides that, I still didn’t give up a part of my business in Slovakia. Sometimes I think, I can’t be more busy, but apparently I can 🙂 . So I started to prepare my own collection of clothes and jewelry.


There is no doubt, that Bali and Slovakia has not so much in common. Simply completely different worlds. What Slovak do you miss in Bali and other way around, what would you like to have in Slovakia from Bali ?

A lot of my Slovakian friends miss traditional Slovak sweets or a fish salad. But I don´t eat them anyway. What I really miss is our typical Slovakian sheep cheese and curd. There is always a problem with cheese in Bali in general. So I am glad to get this kind of gift anytime.
Last 3 years I spent Christmas over here, in Bali, but I have to say, it was enough. This year I will be in Slovakia no matter what is going to fall down the sky 🙂 . Because Christmas time in Slovakia is the best.
But of course when I am in Slovakia, I miss the ocean, the beach and a salty air. And also I miss drinking a coconut milk every day! Sometimes I feel like I have it in my veins instead of blood already.


What do you recommend to see and to experience in Bali ?

You can find hundreds of tourist guide books on a market, but the best thing to do over here is to get lost. It’s island, so you don’t have to worry, that you are going to end up somewhere in Australia 🙂 .
Otherwise have your eyes wide open and search for the details in ordinary life of local people.
But if you are asking me for something specific, I would definitely recommend the temple Pura Titra Empul, which consists of sacred springs. Anyone can take part of a cleansing bath, it’s not necessary to be Hindu. Just talk to your God during the ceremony or if you are not religious, just thank in your heart for whatever you like. For the opportunity to visit Bali for example 🙂 .


We cares about cuisines from different parts of the world on our blog. Can you tell us, how they cook in Bali ?

The Indonesian cuisine is not that exotic as it sounds. They eat a lots of rise, vegetables and meat. But you can’t find here any baked snakes, bugs or rats. Most of the food is fried and spicy. The typical street food definitely can’t be described by the word “healthy”.
Indonesia is the biggest Muslim country in the world, so everyone thinks, that you can’t find a pork meat over there. But Hindu Bali is an exception. One of the biggest Balinese specialties is Babi Guling, young baked pig. And there is no wedding, celebration, child birth or funeral without it. It’s a part of a votive for gods and a symbol.


From traditional recipes I prepared CHICKEN SATAY and GADO GADO with PEANUT SAUCE for you. Bon appetite 😉 !

If you wanna know more about Mimi and her live in Bali, check out her blog: healthyfactory.sk
Foto – archive Mimi Candi Pelikan

Travel, cook and have fun with Crispy Trips !


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