Beach and the city

The beach or the city? The city or the beach?

Do you love both and you can’t decide which one is better for your next holidays? The good news is there are some places in the world, where you can get both and we picked 5 best ones. At least to us.

Barcelona, Spain


Not only Vicky and Cristina wanted to spend their summer in Barcelona. Everyone who loves art, magnificent work of Antoni Gaudí, beach parties and of course delicious drink full of fruits called sangria or famous Spanish ham wish to visit Barcelona. The second biggest Spanish city has unique spirit. Brilliant architecture of Gaudí made Barcelona even more attractive and you simply feel like Alice in wonderland. Listen to the Spanish guitar, take a walk on well-known La Rambla, get some tan on the beach and in the evening party like a rock star 😎 . “La vida es un carnaval” in Barcelona!

Miami, Florida


American perfection with a caribbean flavor, that’s Miami for us. It looks like a water is bluer, sand is whiter and a palm trees are greener on South Beach 🙂 . Do you want to meet a celebrity? No problem! You can get a tour around the Star island where they show you all celebrity homes. Anyway, Miami makes you feel like you are one of them! Great restaurants, hot clubs and trendy shops are all around, just enjoy the ride. Miami is simply perfect holiday city.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


What to say about Rio? It has Copacabana and that’s more than enough. This is the beach of all beaches where the beachfashion trends are coming from. It’s a place which all beach lovers have to see and they have to be seen on. And we heard that New Year’s Eve celebrations on this place are just unforgettable! So don’t skip Rio, dear CrispyTraveler 🙂 !

Sydney, Australia


A beach culture is a big part of the Australia’s national identity. It has its own history, customs, language, rituals and costumes. The heart of the australian beachculture is Sydney of course, the dream of the whole surfer community. Not even a sharks can stop them! What’s so powerful in this place, when they are even ready to take this risk? Nothing can compare a personal experience! Famous Bondi beach is ready to welcome you and show you its magic. Just go, hang out with locals, spend the time on the beach, have a barbaque in the park and let the wind make up your mind! Maybe you’ll become a surfer 😉 .

Tel Aviv, Israel


European city in Middle East which has it all! That’s our description of Tel Aviv. It looks like Tel Aviv and its residents live for sports, art and fun. And all that is happening on the beach! By the way, beach in Tel Aviv has a really specific sound 🙂 . Sound of wooden paddles smashing a small rubber balls… Do you know that game? They call it matkot and everyone on Tel Aviv beach is addicted to it. What more do you expect from the city? One of the best restaurants or the hottest clubs in the world? Just remember in Tel Aviv you have it all!

Travel, cook and have fun with Crispy Trips !


  1. Thanks for your comment. St.Petersburg is actually also on our wish list 🙂

  2. These are beautiful cities, thank you! I really love Barcelona – both the city and the sea.

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