6 things we learnt on (about) Corfu

1. We are almost sure, that Corfu is the greenest Greek island. Yes, we know that the most of the islands in Greece are dry, so it’s easy to be the greenest, but over there is everything seriously green, turquoise or blue. Palm trees, figs, oleanders, lemon trees, succulents and olive trees are all around. Speaking of olives…Did you know, that there is only one kind of olive tree in the world? Yeap, that’s right, the color of olives on your pizza, in your salad or dry Martini depends only on a time of harvest. By the way, olive trees were brought to the island by Italians. They showed to the locals how to make an olive oil and nowadays there are millions of olive trees on Corfu.

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2. If you are dreaming about white and blue houses typical for Greece, forget about it! The architecture of Corfu is closer to the Italian style, which uses colors like pink, orange, brown or yellow on buildings.


3. Who wouldn’t know Empress Elisabeth of Austria? That not so many people? Maybe her nickname “Sissi” is going to tell you more. The history is saying, that at the time she was the most beautiful woman in the world and she loved to travel. Seriously, she was a real travel girl! And she fell in love with Corfu during her travels. And what such a people do, when they are in love with some place? Yes, they build a palace over there! Sissi named her Corfu residence Achilleion after her favorite Greek hero Achilles and she visited every time she needed to escape her royal life. We found it really beautiful and worth it to see. It has a 3 floors, but there is a LIFT inside, so feel free to take a stroller for your baby with you!


4. Speaking of royal families… We learnt, that Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II., was born on this amazing island as Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark. He is very popular member of the British royal family, so all tourists from Britain want to see his childhood residence.

5. If you read our blog regularly, you already know, that we are an airports & airplanes addicted. Corfu International airport has one of the shortest runways in Europe. It has only 2375m. Airplanes are landing right above a sea and you can watch them from a dyke or comfortably from a coffee shop. If you are an aviation lover, it’s really great experience.


6. What else? Oh yeah, Corfu beaches! Yes, we know, that it’s No.1 reason for coming to the island, but we are saying – the best for last. Thirty Corfu beaches have been awarded a Blue Flag. Not bad, right? But we think, that the 217 km of Corfu’s coastline is hiding so much more: amazing overlooks, beautiful bays, caves and the purest water. You can find here a lot of sandy beaches (just made for your kids) as well as those rocky ones. The whole island is very peaceful and we definitely DO RECOMMEND this place for your next great family vacation 🙂 .


By the way, do you know any Greek delicious food or drink ?

Our rating :

Safety   ★★★★★     Baby friendly   ★★★★★     Beaches   ★★★★★     Total   ★★★★★

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