About us

Welcome on Crispy Trips !


It doesn’t matter if you clicked on our crispy family blog on purpose or  accidentally, we are really glad to have you here! We hope, that our stories and recipes make you happy, you will have a lot of fun with us and maybe Crispy Trips will inspire you to plan your next great trip or create a delicious lunch for your family or friends.

  Who we are
We are the Provazniks, family, travelers, gourmets. We are those kind of people, who love traveling and tasting the world. We are ready to prove to ourselfs and to the others, that traveling isn’t only for a singles, but also for the families with kids.

  Traveling (not only) on a plate
This blog combines our traveling tips and tricks, based on our personal experiences, with recipes, which we collect all around the world. Because kitchen is an important part of every culture and heritage of each country. Food connects people and it also helps to understand the differencies between the nations.
So enjoy the journey and bon appetit with Crispy Trips, ladies & gents!

  Our story
Before we became „we“, it was „me“, Renata Provaznikova, enthusiastic traveler, passionate photographer, a former flight attendant, blogger, writter and nowdays mainly a mommy.

Passion for traveling runs in our family. My grandmother loved it. Thanks to her, my father became a traveler and than he passed it on me. I traveled big part of Europe with him. Later on I discovered America with my friends and I met my husband during researching Asia. Now we are ready to explore the rest of the world together with our kids.

Let’s show the beauty of the world to your kids with Crispy Trips ! 🙂 

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