In love with Cuba (part 2)

Where did we finish, ladies & gentlemen? Yeeeah, in Havana of course! But it’s time to move now. Cuba deserves love of the traveler for so much more, than just the capital city…

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Do you feel like you have to run away from the crowded streets and a city rush? So let’s pack a suitcase (actually a beach bag it’s gonna be enough) and go “out”. In Cuba it means to go to the beach of course, so “vamos a la playa”, guys! We know, that everyone will recommend you to visit Varadero first. Obviously it’s the most famous and the busiest beach area in Cuba. But is it really the most beautiful one as well? Well, it depends on what you are expecting. If you love crowded beaches, fun and a night life, you are on a right place. We prefer peaceful places, nature and the cleanest water on the beaches in Guardalavaca or Cayo Coco. By the way, do you know, that when Christopher Columbus, the discoverer of America, got his first glimpse of the Guardalavaca coastline in 1492, he pronounced it “the most beautiful land human eyes have ever seen”? And we are not surprised at all. Cuban beaches are included in almost every list of the world top beaches and for us it’s another reason, why Cuba got our traveling soul.


Not only Cuba, but also Cubans are very close to our hearts. Seriously, we love their nature, sense of humor, mentality and resourcefulness. Flirting is their cardio. They do it naturally and all the time. But we beg you, especially ladies, do not take it too serious, it’s just “a little bonus”, which makes your holiday more fun 🙂 .
We also love, that there is no rush in Cuba (at least, it feels like it’s true). The time is a very relative term over there. The bus will arrive or maybe not… nobody knows when. The plane will stop in Cayo Coco on the way to Havana or maybe not… and when your plane will leave without you ahead of schedule, maybe they will get you another one (maybe not) in a case, that they will find a flight crew ready to fly across the country 🙂 . When? Again nobody knows… Do you feel like having a headache after all those experiences? Take it easy and be a Cuban for a while, you are on a vacation! Besides, “la vida es un carnaval” (life is a carnival), says on Cuban song, so enjoy it to the maximum 🙂 !
Cubans are naturally born businessmen or life teach them to be (by “life” we mean Fidel of course). All of them are trying to sell the best Cuban cigars or rum to the tourists, because everyone has a cousin, who has a brother-in-law and he knows someone directly from the cigar factory, so he can get top quality for lowest price. But be careful with such a deals, you wouldn’t be the first one to smoke banana leafs instead of tobacco 🙂 .


Anyway, for the top businesswoman we want to nominate the lady from Havana, who is making money by her very attractive look (we mean attractive for tourists of course). Everyone who sees her simply must take a picture! Senora with the dark skin wears a white dress, blue turban on her head, in her mouth she holds the biggest cigar ever and in her hand she has colorful hand fan. And there is a yellow wall behind her. Simply perfect, isn’t it? Just take a look and find her in our picture gallery. Of course you have to pay for the picture – one peso. If not, a model will give you “I’ll kick your a**” look and cover her face with a hand fan 🙂 .

Cuban music, we simply love it and that’s why also the whole country! Mixture of many cultures created unique music style – Spanish melodica spiced up with an African elements. Son, Salsa or Rumba are just the few genres, which were born in Cuba and affected Latin music in general. Cuban artists got a glory and respect worldwide thanks to their extraordinary talent. Damaso Peréz Prado, known as a king of Mambo, was very successful in 50’s. Compay Segundo, Rubén González or Ibrahim Ferrer, those are the names of founders of the most famous Cuban music band of all time Buena Vista Social Club. Their songs became a part of Cuban folk and you can still hear them all around the country. The female part of the Cuban population represents two amazing ladies from Havana, Celia Cruz and Gloria Estefan – both fantastic singers, both world famous, both conquered even United States with their songs.


Oh, those cars, those fabulous old beauties on a 4 wheels! We expect, that everyone knows, why they are so many in Cuba (American embargo for import and so on), but thanks to them this country is even more magical! Every family, which owns such a treasure, have it as a pet. We had the opportunity to get a ride in one. The funny thing was, that the owner of the car had no driving licence, so he had to call a friend, who did have it. One spoke English, the other one only Spanish. One had a car and the other one could drive it 🙂 . Yeap, also this is Cuba, guys! 🙂
By the way, speaking of cars… there is one interesting thing about the number plates in Cuba. They are all different colors. Do you know why? So everyone can see from far, if it’s a car with tourists, government one or just the local. Local cars have to stop and take a hitch-hikers, if they have a space inside. There is also a special officer, who helps people to get the ride to their finally destination 🙂 .

So? Do you already see yourself on a Cuban beach with a cigar in your hand? Let’s pack, we meet there for a drink – Mojito of course 🙂 ! Hasta la vista, amigos!

Our rating :

Safety   ★★★★★     Baby friendly   ★★★★☆     Beaches   ★★★★★     Total   ★★★★★

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