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Is Dominican Republic your dream destination? (We hope so! And maybe it’s thanks to our previous post from this country and a picture gallery.) But what you should know about it before you will start packing?

Dominican republic: Practical info

  • When and where

    The Dominican Republic has fantastic sunny weather with temperatures over 30˚C (over 86˚F) the whole year. Hurricane season officially starts in July and it lasts until the end of October. Anyway, it never rains more than just a few hours, so don’t worry (be happy and meanwhile drink some Mamajuana 🙂 ). But where exactly you should go and when? Here are some advices from us:

    – if you decided to travel sometimes between November and April, choose east, south or southeast coastline. For example famous beach area Punta Cana is the best during this time period 🙂
    – if your boss already signed your vacation list for dates sometime between May until October, you better choose Puerto Plata on the north. Promise, you won’t regret! 😉

  • Let’s go shopping!

    We already informed you about the skills and tricks of the local businessman in our Dominican story, part 1. But we also have to add, that in the Dominican Republic you can pay with their local currency peso and also with US dollars (the prices in the souvenir shops are usually in dollars). And in the most of the places they accept even the credit cards.

    One more advice: It became a standard that in holiday destinations the prices are so exaggerated. That’s why you have to bargain, bargain and BARGAIN!

  • Power plugs and sockets

    In the Dominican Republic you can find American plugs and socket types. The European ones need reduction. So don’t forget to pack your adapter. If you don’t have it already, you can buy it even in the most of the hotels.

    Editor’s note: Some new hotels already have even European plugs and sockets, so maybe you won’t even need the adapter.

Dominican republic: Practical info

  • Healthy also on (and after) vacation

    Our personal experience says, that you don’t want to drink water from an in the Dominican republic! Believe us, you don’t want it! 🙂
    Otherwise, there aren’t any special medical risks. Even there is no obligatory vaccination, but if you want one so much, get the one against the hepatitis, it might be useful even in your homeland. Don’t forget your travel insurance before your journey starts. And put enough sunblock on the beach, the Caribbean sun is really strong!

  • Safety

    Dominican Republic in general is a safe place for tourists. A small theft happens from time to time, but if you are careful, you can prevent it (leave all your documents and valuables in the hotel safe and take only copies and some small change with you).
    If you want to make a trip to the jungle or to try some diving, follow the instructions of the local guides. They know exactly which creature can eat you (bite you, poison you, sting you or something else) and which one can’t.

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