Dushi Curacao (part 1)

Simply perfect family beach vacation!

We love the island called Curacao and everything about it! Ok, all party animals and surfers, you should stop reading right now, because this is not exactly your cup of coffee, but the rest of you, keep going  🙂 .


Curacao is the place where you want to relax and have a nice peaceful caribbean vacation.

You feel like you just want to see your kids (real or even those imaginary ones) playing on a local beaches, while you’re sipping your Blue Curacao coctail.


So what’s so cool about it? First of all it’s a nature – pure, clean and on a many spots untouched. If you go nuts for snorkeling or sea aquarium, Curacao will fill up all your expectations. Our secret tip is Playa Lagun with a rich life under water or Klein Curacao, the tiny island close to his „big brother“, where snorkeling with the sea turtles is guaranteed.

Other option for getting close to the creatures from the ocean is visiting seaquarium. Over there you can meet and even touch amazing animals like sealions, sharks, turtles, flamingos, starfish and so much more. Of course the celebrities of the aquarium are the dolphins. Swimming with them is a dream for every kid. This experience is obviously paid, but if you want our advice: it’s worth to pay extra money for more expensive dolphin swim package. Don’t try to safe money on this one, because you might loose it and all you are going to get would be a couple of bad memories and a picture with the dolphin and few strangers in a frame or on a social network.  Do you know what we mean? And it’s not only in Curacao, it’s all around Caribbean. If you are dreaming about your magical moment with dolphins take it as an investment. It is a lifetime experience.


Speaking of animals… Do you know that you can visit an ostrich farm in Curacao too? It’s pretty cool trip for the whole family. They will teach you everything about these birds, which can run 40 mph (around 70 km/h), you can feed them, hold their babies or (if you are brave enough) you can ride one 🙂 . The last option is only on your own risk 😉 . Anyway, when you meet an ostrich face to face, your only thought is „thanks God, that this bird can not fly“ 🙂 . And by the way, they are definitly NOT putting their heads into the sand! Do you want to know, where this myth is coming from? Visit Curacao ostrich farm and find out 😉 .


We hope that so far you got interested to know more about  „Dushi Curacao“! In PART 2 you can find out some cool information about Willemstad, the capital city of the island, and more tips for „what to do“ in Curacao, included shopping tips, so you won’t come back home without bunch of nice souvenirs 😎 .

Our rating :

Safety   ★★★★★     Baby friendly   ★★★★☆     Beaches   ★★★★★     Total   ★★★★★

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