Dushi Curacao (part 2)

Simply perfect family beach vacation!

If you remember well, we finished DUSHI CURACAO PART 1 with the promise, that in the second one you will find out, why Willemstad is so amazing, what more you can do on the island and also how to spend your Netherlands Antillean guilders or US dollars ( yes, you can pay with both currencies on the island ).


Colorful houses

But let’s take an action: The truth is, that Willemstad wouldn’t be the same without the typical colorful houses located directly at the port. This street became a symbol of the city and the island itself. You can find it on a postcards, number plates and also on a list of UNESCO World Heritage. The other streets of the old city were ashamed and felt so „grey“, so the local artists painted their walls with the traditional caribbean themes. Thanks to that, Willemstad is on of the most charming city in the world full of shining colors. The atmosphere of this area is completed by the rhythms of the caribbean music and the smell of fresh fruits, coconuts, exotic flowers and the sea.

collage curacao

The fact, that the local artists have a special place on the island is obvious after a short walk through the old town. Anyway, the most we noticed the art of Serena Israel, designer and art restorater, who created Chichi. This sculpture (we mean Chichi) represents a typical caribbean woman, that’s why she became an icon of Curacao. Serena’s workshop is located somewhere on the way from the Ostrich farm to the Aloe Vera plantation. In the beautiful garden full of palm trees, cactuses and exotic flowers, local women and men are helping Serena to produce Chichi in all sizes. Workshops are organized on a weekly bases, so you can come and paint your own Chichi by yourself (of course Serena will show you how 🙂 )! It’s really cool holiday activity for the whole family, isn’t it? You can make a souvenir with a bare hands and your „big Caribbean sister“ will be absolutly original! (Editor’s note: If you don’t feel like an artist, don’t worry. You can still buy a Chichi painted by Serena or her helpers)


Ok, so we visited an ostrich farm, we swam with the dolphins, we tasted the Blue Curacao liqueur and we painted our own Chichi…Still having some guilders or US dollars in a pocket? Let’s go to the Aloe Vera plantation, where you can find out all about this magical plant and its effect on a human body. Of course all the products from the plantation are available in a giftshop and there is no doubt about their quality.

Few more coins left in your wallet? How about having a fresh juicy coconut? 🙂 Find our friend Wolley, who is selling the best coconuts on the island, and get one ( or two…three…) Wolley is one of the happiest and kindest people we have ever met. He is smiling all the time and „taking it easy“ in life. He spreads positive energy, joy and peace all over. We met him on the way back from a beach. He was selling his favorite coconuts and we started to talk. Soon we found out, that he visited Slovakia with his dance group when he was young. He still remembered few words from his stay. Wolley spent all his life in Holland, but he came back to Curacao, where he was born. He said, he wants to do, what he loves the most: fishing, gardening and drinking coconut milk whenever he wants. If you gonna meet him, say hello from us!


Dushi Curacao, we will meet again!

Our rating :

Safety   ★★★★★     Baby friendly   ★★★★☆     Beaches   ★★★★★     Total   ★★★★★

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