Evka and England

The Queen, fog and Jamie

What do you know about England? Well, there is the Queen (and her royal family), right? And there is fog, especially in London, almost all the time. England is also a homeland of Jamie Oliver, known as The Naked Chef… and there is another amazing Slovak girl, Evka, who worked with him. She came to Britain, she fell in love and she found a job with a really cool boss. So we asked her how is the country treating her, what is worth it to see and of course how the local cuisine tastes. 🙂


So why did you choose England? And what are you doing there?

I had visited England a few times before I definitely moved there. I was fascinated by the culture and I loved the language and of course London. And then, I came back again, thanks to my sister who persuaded me to do so. But this time, I wanted to escape London and its rush, so I took the opportunity to visit Reading, little town close to the capital, where my sister lives. It’s already seven years and I am still here. 🙂
That time new Jamie’s Italian restaurant was opened in Reading and I was lucky to come just in time to join the team straight from the very beginning. Jamie wants his employees to have a passion for food just like he has. Yes, I’ve met him couple of times and I have to say, he is a really nice guy! It was wonderful experience, but after 5 years I have decided to try something new. I’ve taken the opportunity to work in the office in a customer service role, but the memories from Jamie’s stay in my heart.


We are asking everyone, who lives abroad, what he/she is missing from home and also, what’s better over there… So tell us all about England, Evka.

Reading isn’t really a popular sightseeing town but it has a really good location. It is very close to London, just a half an hour by train towards west. Beautiful historical Oxford is also close and just round the corner is Henley and Sonning, lovely medieval towns. So if you want to see it all, come to Reading!
What I really like about England is its multiculturalism. I’ve met people from all around the world and got to know about their culture a bit more. Due to this diversity, you can find here restaurants of many cuisines. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?
The thing that I miss here the most is four seasons 🙂 in other words Slovakian weather. I really miss proper summer and especially winter with snow. It feels like there is only spring and autumn in England. Apart from the weather, of course I miss my family and friends, Slovak countryside and bryndzove halusky (potato dumplings with sheep cheese and bacon). 🙂


Your recommendation for our readers/travellers? What’s a real “must-see” in England?

I’d say it is Camden town in London, at least for me. It is a very unique part of London with its amazing market, shops and great food. I won’t say more, because you simply have to experience it. But I promise, if you go there, you’ll definitely have an unforgettable experience.
Of course you can’t miss the famous tourist attractions in London (such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge, London Eye and so on), magical English countryside, baffling Stonehenge or The production home of Harry Potter (Warner Bros. studios Leavesden).


As you probably know, we are interested in cuisines of countries around the world. So can you tell us a little bit what so typical for the British one?

Well, I have to start from the beginning, cause every day begins with breakfast, right? And full English breakfast is really famous. This typical meal includes bacon, sausages and eggs. It’s so popular and many restaurants serve it all day long. Just go, order “Full English” and taste a little bit of England.
Later on they have fish & chips (by the way, you can order it in a takeaway shops too, if you are in a hurry) or shepherd’s pie (which I prepared for you with the full recipe) for a lunch. Both dishes are well-known and so yummy. After lunch the dessert is always a good idea and my personal favourite is the classic apple crumble.
I am sure you already heard of “teatime” at 5. Some people think, that the English “drop everything” for this hour, but it doesn’t work like that anymore. Definitely not in a working place and very rarely at home. Anyway, the English tea is served with a milk and something small to eat (scones with jam and clotted cream or a butterfly cakes for example).
And for dinner? Let’s try my shepherd’s pie, if you had fish & chips for a lunch. It is easy to make and it’s lovely to have in such a grey English weather. 🙂

Bon appetit or as English actually say, enjoy!

Travel, cook and have fun with CrispyTrips !

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