Fear of flying, How to overcome it

Mamma míííía, we’re flying!

Hi Crispy travelers,
We have recently returned from vacation and our flight has been fantastic as always. We love flying and we really enjoy it. But what to do if you’ve fear of flying? Is your vacation at the risk? These questions started to bother us while planning of the further journey, which one young family of travelers is going to do with us. Because they will fly for the first time, they are worried. And not just a little, but really a lot!

Fear of flying

Air travel is one of the safest ways of transport. It is much safer than traveling by car, with a bus or even bicycle. Well, if someone is afraid of flying, the statistics probably don’t calm him down.


More than half of the population is afraid to fly, so it is more abnormal don’t have a fear. Media take a big part of this statistic, because they serve us a lot of information the one hand, trying to calm you down, but on the other hand, they report about fallen aircraft and pay special attention to them for a few days or even weeks (since they will not have such a sensation for another year or even longer). Just think about it: every single plane crash is a main news across the globe. But can you imagine to hear in the news about every single car crash?
The typical symptoms of the fear of flying are nightmares, which caused you many sleepless nights, stress, nervousness, reluctance to eat or a bad mood. And all of it is getting worse along with the upcoming date of the flight. What to do with it? Stay home? Travel all that distance by car? No, just the opposite! Get rid of your fear by positive thinking about all that beautiful things, which are waiting for you in your final destination.

The view from the top is magical. Do you remember when you were a child and you looked up to the sky and clouds? You wanted to touch them, right? Sunrise or sunset from a height of ten kilometers is glamorous. Same as looking through the window of the airplane down on Earth and see it as a map on the table. All those feelings and emotions are so strong, but nothing unpleasant. Actually, just the opposite. 😉


Fear of flying

How to get over the fear?

Before flight:

Take a deep breath and think about your final destination and relax, which is waiting for you. Do not think about any disaster and do not create any drama in your head.

  • do not watch any program about air disasters on a TV
  • pack on time, have your papers and flight tickets ready, check our Flight tips
  • the day before flight take a walk, do some exercise, relax
  • you better skip all the crazy parties, fat meal and hangover the day before the flight
  • if it’s necessary, ask your doctor for a pills (which calm you down)
  • if you don’t want to take a pill, another option is to have one (or two) shots of your favorite alcohol before the flight (for courage)

On board:

Dear ladies/gentlemen, hold the hand of your traveling partner and talk about something nice/positive. It’s good to have a travel buddy who has no fear. It can also calm you down.

  • try to find a comfortable position in the plane and relax
  • talk to each other, read, listen to your favorite music or watch a movie
  • if you can fall asleep, you’re the winner 🙂
  • if you are sitting next to the corridor you have more space, but you will see more next to the window
  • the space in the plane is very limited like in the bus
  • usually they serve some refreshment on board during the flight…get yourself whatever you like
  • maybe also seeing smiling stewardess can cheer you up

How does it work? Don’t panic!

After they close the doors on the plane, the stewardess (or the video) will show and explain you all the safety procedures before the flight. They will check if you are securely fastened and the plane will start to roll towards the departure runway.

Fear of flying

During the start, the engines go full on and the plane moves very fast forward (just like leaving the junction by young boys in their tuned cars 🙂 ) After a few seconds the plane is in the air (and you’ll get a feeling like on a roller coaster) and goes up and up. Pilots have to reach the flight level as fast as possible, so the plane goes up by coping spiral (which means the plane will lean). All that takes just the few seconds until you will get a feeling, that the engines stop and all the noise calm down. That is the point when the plane will reach the flight level. It all takes just the few minutes and the whole flight is calm and smooth and you will be like „that’s it”?

That weird sound what you can hear is not the failure of the engine, but the sound of the gear (going down or up) or the sound of flaps during the take-off and landing. Don’t worry, it’s all good and normal.


You don’t have to worry about control faults or fail of engine, all the systems in the plane are triple secured. It’s proven that the plane can flight and land with only one engine. With both engines off it can sailplane up to 200 kilometers and make the emergency landing.

Fear of flying

Do you have a feeling that the wings bend a little bit? Yes, it’s true and absolutely normal. They have to be flexible, otherwise they would break.


Also, turbulence is something natural. Actually, it’s a flow of the air, which shakes the plane. Again, you don’t have to worry, your crew prepares for it. Anyway, standard turbulence feels almost like a road in a bad condition in a car. So no fear.
The airports and airplanes have modern and very accurate navigation systems. Pilots and navigators have always detail information about the direction, high, speed of the plane; about the other aircrafts and also about the weather conditions.
Landing is usually less notable than take off. Sometimes you just have to look through the window to see, that you are almost on the ground. Just the engines and speed brakes make a noise, while the plane is trying to come to the complete stop.

Fear of flying


If you’ll get a chance to visit an airport before your flight, do it. Watch the planes take off and landing, walk around the terminal, have a coffee and get familiar with the airport atmosphere.

So can you handle it? 🙂 


Travel, cook and have fun with CrispyTrips !


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