Flight Tips

Flight ticket to your dream destination is booked already and you can’t wait to jump into the plane? Go through our flight tips and make your journey more comfortable. Some of them, we hope, you might like 🙂 .


  • Don’t forgot pack things for your hand luggage (see our tips for packing)
  • Put some miniatures bottles of spirits (alcohol) to plastic bag, you might need it if you are afraid to fly (Note: One thing is to drink some alcohol for better mood and courage, but quite another is to get drunk. Be careful, because drunk passenger can be refused on flight!)
  • For a long flight wear comfortable loose-fitting clothing and compression socks
  • Hoodie will warm you during flight
  • Drink more water than usually, it will keep you well hydrated during flight, because there is dryness of recycled cabin air
  • Take a gum or a candy. It will help you with pain in your ears
  • We recommend to take smartphone, camera, tablet on board as well as jewelry, money etc. (Note: On board use your electronic equipment strictly according to flight rules)

Travel, cook and have fun with Crispy Trips !

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