In love with Cuba (part 1)

Do you know that feeling, when your mind is full of superlatives and you want to take the best out of yourself, but somehow you can’t? Nothing is good enough to express your feelings and emotions, so the others will understand… Well, this exactly happened to us, when we tried to write this article about Cuba. We simply love this Caribbean piece of land and we really have no idea, how to convince you about its awesomeness! Nothing left to do, just read it, experience it and join the club of Cuba loving travelers! 🙂

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So let’s read it:

HAVANA really deserves to be loved, so we put this city on a top of our list! Hemingway made it famous, American Godfathers made it rich and Fidel’s revolution made it stuck back in 50’s. Cuban Capital has style and unique spirit. Every single building, square or tiny street proves, that this city had it all. Lavishly trimmed buildings built mostly in Spanish colonial or Moorish style, marble and rare woods show the wealth and fame of this Cuban metropolis.


In 20’s and 30’s Havana was a city which everyone wanted to see and meant to be seen in. Just check the guest book in Nacional hotel. You can find there names like Winston Churchill, Fred Astaire, Buster Keaton, Walt Disney, Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra and many others. Regular guest list included also American Godfathers like Meyer Lansky, Lucky Luciano or Frank Costello. They invested a lot of money into the hotels, casinos and gambling houses and they completed the whole picture of the city (which doesn’t mean we agree with their illegal business activities of course).


But Nacional isn’t the only famous hotel in Havana. Ambos Mundos is the name of the hotel, which any group of tourist can’t miss. The reason is simple. For some time Papá Ernesto (how the locals used to call Hemingway) lived in there. The sound of the typewriter was coming out from the 5th floor quite often, so the famous literary works could be written.
By the way, do you know, that Hemingway’s the most famous novel, The Old Man and the Sea, arise thanks to the fisherman named Gregorio Fuentes? He became Hemingway’s friend during one fishing and later on also an inspiration for his book. In 1954 when Hemingway found out, that he got a Nobel prize for his novel, he made an announcement: “This price belongs to Cuba, because I wrote my works right there.” And what he said, he also did. So if you are interested to see how the real Nobel price look, just visit famous Cuban basilica del Cobre in the eastern part of the island, where he placed it.
Speaking of Hemingway… He had two favorite bars in Havana, which still exist and thanks to the star guest they probably will for very long time. In El Floridita you can find Hemingway himself- actually his bronze version in a life size, standing right behind the bar. And there is his legendary sentence “My mojito in La Bodeguita” on the wall in… of course in La Bodeguita 🙂 . By the way, when Hemingway wrote those words over there, he had no idea, that he is going to have so many famous followers. Suddenly signatures of Fidel Castro, Naomi Campbell, Dustin Hoffman and many other celebrities appears there and clearly a tons of tourists.


So dear travelers, don’t forget that in Havana going to the bar is a MUST same as a visit of Museum of revolution or famous El Capitolio. Your Havana stay won’t count without it. Isn’t it cool? 🙂
Havana is definitely a city just made for the artists, but not only writers. You can meet there many painters, singers, musicians and dancers. Actually all Cubans are at least one of those.


For Havana visit is always great to count at least two days and many nights. Nightlife in Cuban capital is simply amazing experience! Cuban music, dance, rum and cigars create such an amazing unique atmosphere, which you just have to enjoy.
Dear Cuba, there are so many reasons, why we love you… If you want to know them all, just make yourself the original Cuban Mojito (from our recipe) and keep reading part 2, which is full of interesting facts about Cuba and also our precious travel advices 🙂 .

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