Princess for a one day

LEDNICE, Czech Republic : Princess for a one day


We don’t have a sea or a real beach here, in the middle of Europe, but we do have a lot of magical places anyway. Our favorite are the castles. We love them and we have so many of them around here. Everyone thinks, that only France, England or maybe Spain have the castles in Europe, but the true is: the real “Castleville” is here, in the middle 🙂 .


As a first one, we would like to introduce you on CrispyTrips blog, Lednice castle situated not far from board line between Czech, Austrian and Slovak lands. It has a real feel of fairy tale and people are coming to fulfill their childhood dreams pretending they are interested in a history or architecture 🙂 .


So we chose this place for family trip with our little princess and we have to admit, it was a great choice. This place is simply made for families: magnificent castle (inside and outside), gorgeous gardens and so much stuff to do! Boat cruises, carriage ride, birds of prey flight show, greenhouse visit and of course castle visit are just the basic activities, which are available for all visitors of Lednice castle.


What more we can say about this Unesco World Heritage mansion? Landlords from Lichtenstein got this property in 1249, owned for almost 700 years and rebuilt it several times. Just a brief look at the castle proves, that this family was far away from being poor 🙂 . They were nothing but perfectionists, what you can see on all details of the mansion. Passing through the castle we got a feeling, that the owners were also big travelers. Cause is there other way how to explain, why they had at home an Islamic minaret (in the middle of the park), Chinese lounge, Turkish bath, Romanian obelisk or Swiss bridge?


At the end we want to share some (hopefully) useful information. The most beautiful part of the castle you can visit also with the baby stroller, because there are no stairs. The prices in the whole place are very friendly for a wallet 😉 . The area has a really good wine and many cute little wineries. And the village Lednice is also lovely and worth it to see.  So feel free to spend more than just a day over there! Enjoy your fairy tale! 🙂

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