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A friend with a life experiences said once (actually he is saying that quite often), that “life is about feelings” and Miami is a city, which offers you a million dollar feeling, even when you have no money in your pocket (or on a bank account or in your piggy bank)…

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Chance of a Thunderstorm
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It looks like the sun shines brighter, the grass is greener, the sky is bluer and the ocean is nicer in Miami. Luxurious cars, yachts, the best hotels and restaurants so far, all that and more you can find on the South Beach. And you can enjoy it, even if you are a budget traveler.


Of course the best things in life are for free (love, sun, sand, waves and friendship) and we will help you with the rest 🙂 .

Flight ticket deal

To find a good deal for your flight ticket is the key. There are many flight ticket portals and agencies, which offer special deals for some destinations. Usually applies, that the sooner you book your flight, the better price you are gonna get. Sometimes you can literally “win” your flight ticket on a website of the airline company, when they publish (by mistake) their flight tickets with much lower prices. Many travelers (and travel bloggers) go for the great price of a flight and they don’t care too much where they go. There is something interesting to see or to do in every corner of our planet.


Miami is very popular destination with a huge airport and many airlines companies. All that means, that you can find a good deals for your flight almost all the time (maybe only around Xmas and New Year is complicated). And what does it mean a good deal for us? If the flight ticket from Europe to Miami cost around 400 euros – 500 euros (airport taxes and everything else included), it’s a pretty good deal.


If you are looking for accommodation in Miami, be very careful with the location. We believe, that you want to end up on the South Beach not in Miami Downtown or somewhere around the airport, cause otherwise your way to the beach would be sooooooo long. Of course the prices per night are the highest in this area, but you can still find pretty good deals. Some portals offer reservations with free cancellation (usually 3 days before your arrival the latest). In that case you still have time to take a look for something better or cheaper and make changes on your reservation for a last minute. For example we got a great deal for stylish Lincoln Arms Suites (amazing apartment with a great location) just a few days before we arrived for the same price as we got a hotel room in the hotel with fantastic location, but with the room, which looked like somebody was murdered over there (back at 70s). Probably someone canceled his/her reservation also last minute and they wanted to sell the apartment anyway.


Where to go for food

You don’t have to look for the expensive restaurants on a South Beach, they find you themselves. But to have a yummy food for a reasonable price is a bit harder. We usually try to follow the locals and see where they go for lunch or dinner. This is how we also found the place called “La Sandwicherie” on a Miami Beach. Don’t get confused with the name, they offer so much more than just the best sandwiches in the world. You can have delicious salads, smoothies, soups and more. All fresh and very tasty.
Other place we loved during our Miami stay was “Abuela’s” with a traditional Cuban kitchen. We enjoyed the breakfast from this Cuban “Grandma” so much. For the rest of the meals, we can’t judge them.


Of course you can find here well-known coffee shops and fast foods, which can’t surprise you, but also won’t disappoint you, if you like their products.
If you are a fan of farmers markets, you can enjoy it every Sunday directly on the fancy Lincoln Road where vendors set up tables selling everything from fruits and vegetables to plants, honey, jams, empanadas and fresh fruit smoothies.

What to do

Miles of the beautiful beaches with the whitest sand and turquoise water are reason No.1, why Miami is so popular destination. You can run, you can swim, you can try some watersports, you can practice yoga, you can get tan, you can party or you can just lay down, relax and enjoy all everything what the beach offers (fresh air, sun, sand, waves)…you can do whatever you like, dear beach loving traveler.
And once you get tired of it (just kidding, you can NEVER GET TIRED of the beach obviously), you can see what’s up on the famous Ocean Drive, Lincoln Road or Espaῆola way, visit Miami Seaquarium or go shopping (if you are a real shopaholic we do recommend you to visit Dolphin Mall or even better Sawgrass Mills).
Of course we have to mention, that Miami is a city with a very rich night life, so all the party animals are more than welcome 🙂 .
Are you interested in celebrities and everything about them? Get a tour around the Star Island (man-made island), where you can find amazing homes of Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Julio Iglesias, Sean Combs, LeBron James, Gloria Estefan, Sylvester Stallone, Elizabeth Taylor and many others.


Miami has also pretty interesting neighborhood, if you like to make some trips. You can visit National Park Everglades and see some alligators or take a ride on the airboat. The other option is to make a trip to Key West and see the Southernmost point buoy. Or just jump on a cruising ship and spend a few days in The Bahamas. (For longer trip to the Caribbean you need a week, but many companies offer also shorter weekend cruises and the prices are more than wallet-friendly!)

Our rating :

Safety   ★★★★☆     Baby friendly   ★★★☆☆     Beaches   ★★★★★     Total   ★★★★

Travel, cook and have fun with Crispy Trips !


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