Packing checklist

Travel packing list.

Travel fever is in full flow and you are going to pack your suitcases? What is useful and what is not, what you cannot forget and what is better to leave at home?
Never ever forget anything with our travel packing checklist! We have prepared for you the complete list of things that your luggage should contain. You can mark things that you already packed and come back anytime to add other items to luggage (list remembers your choice during the 14-days).


By the way, choosing the right luggage itself is also very important. If you are not hiking in the mountains (where the backpack is more practical), we recommend to use a suitcase on wheels. After years of experience, we prefer a classic one, not a full plastic. 🙂 As hand luggage you can take a handbag, beach bag, baby Diaper bag or rucksack (which you can also use for the trip). Keep in mind that hand luggage has its own size and weight limits. However, beware of its content in the article Packing your hand luggage. Baby strollers are transported free of charge, but do not forget to mention it at the check-in. You drop off the stroller at the end of the loading ramp or jet bridge. What happens is that the strollers are picked up from there by airport staff and when the plane lands, the stroller will be returned in a similar place at the other destination.


 💡 Be sure to check the validity of the documents. Especially it is important to have a passport valid for at least 6 months after the vacation return. Stay safe with our Safety Tips.  🙂 

Clothes and needs

 💡 If you are traveling by plane, check our Flight Tips. Travel comfortably dress up.

Electronics and fun

 💡 Don’t forget to upload fairy tales, songs to smartphone / tablet. A long journey will soon be over.

Toiletries and medical

 💡 We also recommend to pack a baby thermometer, vomit kit, and drinking water.


Travel, cook and have fun with CrispyTrips !

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