Patacones, healthy chips

Banana chips from Caribbean

In the Caribbean kitchen bananas have very long tradition and their special place. Bananas are an excellent source of vitamin B6 and contain moderate amounts of vitamin C, manganese and dietary fiber. This recipe describes how to make healthy chips out of bananas. In the Caribbean they called them “patacones”. You can serve them as a snack with salsa or as a side dish. 🙂 Give a try, it’s very easy and tasty!

Banany na varenie

Ugly bananas? No, they call them platanos (in spanish) or plantains (in english). By the other words, type of banana for cooking. For the “patacones” – the healthy banana chips – you need only platanos, coconut oil and sea salt.

Cut platanos into the pieces, put a little bit of sea salt over it and fry on a coconut oil.

Bananove chrumkave cipsy

Take the platanos out of a frying pan and squash them with a big knife. Put the donuts, which you just made back to the frying pan and fry again from both sides. All done! And they are ready to be eaten.. 🙂

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