Safety Tips


Safety first!

Being safe on your trip is a priority not only if you are traveling with your kids.

Always remember that your passport (driving licence or at least any other ID), some cash and credit card are your „besties“ abroad.

Keep them close to you, because they can safe you a**…actually life  😉 

We know, that leaving your smartphone at home is a big tragedy for every traveler these days, but hey, we have a news: internet connection (not only wi-fi) and payphones still DO exist in the world, so feel free to use it in a case of need!  🙂 

Anyway your passport and money are simply irreplaceable!

Here are some of our safety tips for your safe and happy vacation:

  • Never forget to order travel insurance for your trip! You never know when and where you might need a doctor
  • Have a special case for passport, ID’s, money, ATM/credit card…and wear it on
  • Put some cash and copy of passport (documents) to different “safe” place (to another handbag for example)
  • Write down emergency & family cell phone numbers and put it to passport case.
  • Write down contact info of your embassy in a state you traveling into
  • Download helpful apps to your smartphone (offline GPS/maps, translator… )
  • Keep home your jewelry and all of your much expensive no need things
  • Before leaving home, let your family and friends know about your traveling plans

Travel, cook and have fun with Crispy Trips !

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