Spanish summer in a glass

Sangria: Spanish summer in a glass


Sangria is a summer in Spain, which you can pour into a glass 🙂 . Fresh and full of fruits. It comes from Andalusia, from well-known spanish wine region called Rioja. They served sangria for a very first time in 1964 during the trade show in New York, in a stand of spanish culture. The name is from spanish word „sangre“ which means „blood“. So the tradicional sangria is red like a blood and its basic ingredients are red wine, juice from the fruits, fruits and soda. If you want to drink „Sangria Blanca“, just change the red wine into a white one. This coctail has also a great taste. The main role of classic one was to improve a cheap wine and change it into a refreshing coctail. But if you are making homemade sangria, just use best of the best for a perfect result 😉 . So how to make it?


  • Red wine
  • Brandy, rum or heavy liqueur
  • Juice from fruits
  • Soda or sparkling wine
  • Fruits (for example: oranges, apples, lemons, limes, grapes, peaches, strawberries, pineapple or any other berries)
  • Ice cubes

Steps: Cut fruits into a tiny slices and put it into a pitcher. Pour a wine and other ingredients over the fruits and mix it all together. Put it into a fridge for couple of hours to marinate. Add some icecubes before serving. Homemade sangria is always about your own fantasy and taste. Salud! (Cheers!) 🙂 

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