Smartphone photoshooting

Wonderful photos with your smartphone

Taking pictures is not a big deal, but why some pictures are better than the other ones? Is it caused by the fact, that you use your smartphone “only” and everyone else bought an expensive SLR camera? Not at all! You just have to know the right tricks and even your pictures taken by your smartphone are going to be perfect!

Smartphone photoshooting

1. Setup your smartphone camera

  • use rear camera mainly (it has better resolution and quality)
  • set the Image Stabilization (mode against hand shaking)
  • enable Grid lines #
  • set image resolution in megapixels to maximum (it takes more space, but the best quality will enable the further editing)
  • turn off the flash
  • for other features set “auto“ mode
  • clean your camera lens 🙂

2. Shoot pictures in a landscape (16:9)

  • this format is used the most and natural to the human eye, it is our perception of the environment
  • your photos will be displayed well not only on laptops, TV and digital photo frames, but also on the websites, magazines or on a wall in a frame
  • don’t forget that it’s perfect for capturing the story in a single image

3. Always hold your phone with both hands while taking pictures

  • you prevent unwanted movements, which can blur your picture
  • it’s helpful to lean on a wall or tree to stay stable especially when the light conditions are not good
  • use a tripod or place the phone on something stable when you shoot subject which is far

Smartphone photoshooting

4. Avoid taking pictures against the sun

  • don’t shoot against the sun (do so only in a case, that you want to have a dark shapes on a picture. But sometimes is requested effect.)
  • with the sun behind you, images will be colorful, subject sharp, sky blue…
  • the sun should illuminate your subject
  • be careful while shooting portraits in bright sunlight, unwanted sharp shadows could be on the subject’s face, not to mention about facial expression of the photographed person 🙂 . (For portraits use soft, diffused light in the shade.)

5. Photograph on day light

  • use the natural light, pictures will look better
  • don’t use flash, if it’s not necessary. First try to change angle, background or move the subject, photoshooting is fun – let’s play 🙂

6. Focus on a subject

  • despite of all its smartness, every smartphone use auto focus on the center of the scene or on a face, but that is not always your intention. You just have to tap on the screen wherever you want to focus and your smartphone camera will do the rest within a second

7. Background of image

  • background should take about 2/3 of image
  • right background will make your picture more interesting and will capture your best memories and stories forever

8. Use Grid Lines

  • grid lines # (enabled in settings) helps you align picture and subjects on the background or horizon
  • it also helps to place your subject off-center and far away enough from the edge, so your image will be balanced the right way

Smartphone photoshooting

9. HDR mode

  • this mode supposed be in every good smartphone
  • it will perfectly highlight the darkest and lightest areas
  • shot takes about few seconds more than usually, but the result will surprise and delight you at the same time
  • use this mode for static photoshooting only

10. Capture a motion

  • it is recommended to set your camera into the “motion” mode, but we teach you also one CrispyTrick 🙂
  • target the subject and move the smartphone in the same direction and the same speed as it moves and pull the trigger: the result will be clear and sharp subject on a blurred background and that is exactly the effect which captures the atmosphere of movement

11. Don’t zoom it, crop it !

  • smartphone camera offer a digital zoom function, which means that it enlarges the image on the screen, but in that case you lose precious pixels
  • actually we have one CrispyTip for you: shot subject as you can see it, small, somewhere far away, but in the best quality (high resolution). After crop unwanted and you will still have plenty of resolution left for image, which you can easily upscale 🙂

12. Take 2-3 or more shots

  • why? Just because you can choose the best one and you will not have to regret that someone winked, is blurred, etc ..

13. Edit !

  • we got to the finals, but each photo can be enhanced, retouch, edit easily
  • whether you use a photo-editor on your phone or computer is up to you
  • you can fine-tune the colors, shadows, brightness, contrast, apply filters, blur, but also erase what you don’t like…

Smartphone photoshooting

Final tip: If someone is taking a picture of you, practice your best look, but do not look directly into the camera, lift the chin, relax, learn some poses and always remember – breasts out, stomach in 🙂 .

Travel, cook and have fun with Crispy Trips !

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