Baby packing list

Packing list for one day trip with a baby

The other day we took our babygirl for a trip to the castle. It was her very first big travel day and she handled it really well. Do you want to know, what we packed for our little princess that day? Here are some ideas from us. We found these things very useful on a one day baby trip. Get inspired.

Baby packing list

1. Diaper bag (with cushioned changing pad)

First of all get yourself a diaper bag (if you don´t have it yet) with a lot of compartments and pockets, so you can organize all the things you need. Cushioned changing pad is a good thing to have in bag as well.

2. Diapers

What would be a diaper bag without diapers? Don’t forget to take enough of them! All you, parents, know your baby and your daily use.

3. Wet wipes

We found more practical fragrance free ones. You can use them not only for changing diapers, but also for cleaning baby’s hands, cheeks or whatever gets dirty. And you don’t have to worry about allergic reaction.

4. Baby food and drink (+ bib)

Bottled baby food is a great invention! There are really quality products on a market and they taste delicious. Your baby can travel and still eat well 😉 . For a drink we usually take some baby tea or water, but feel free to take whatever your little treasure likes.

5. Cleaning pen

Do you know the situations, when a bib simply doesn´t work? You and your sweetie pie have a little messes all over your clothes…What to do with that, when you are on a trip and you wanna look goregous on a family pictures? Yes, we know, that for the baby is sometimes the only solution to take a spare clothes, but for you there is a cleaning pen! It´s small and it will help you to clean your clothes in a couple seconds. Smart idea, isn’t it? 💡 

6. Little snack

Every parent knows, that little snack for the baby is more for fun than for eating 🙂 . But hey, it calms your baby down on a trip, so it’s your best friend at the moment 😉 !

7. Baby sunscreen and hat

There is probably no point to explain why it’s a good idea to cary baby sunscreen and hat all the time during the spring and summer. Just always have it ready in your diaper bag 🙂 .

8. Baby neck pillow

We found it every useful during some longer traveling in a car (or bus, plane, train). Our girl loves to sleep that time and neck pillow helps her to wake up fresh and with no pain in her neck.

9. Some entertainment

Don’t forget to take some rattle or other favorite toy. Yes, we know that sometimes the best toy is an empty plastic bottle 😆 , but still… 

This is our little baby survival kit for a one day trip. We found these things every useful, but you know your baby the best, so you can pack other things which are necessary for you to have. Enjoy your baby trip 🙂 !

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